Development: master

Accessing the Source

The latest development version of spludo is available at the spludo git repository:

git clone git://

Spludo is currently developed against node.JS 0.6.2.

You may find the latest version of spludo also as .zip/.tar.

Mailing List

There is a new mailing list available at (Archive)

Issue Tracker

There is an issue tracker at

Api Documentation

The latest api documentation (always against the latest commit in the development version) can be found at


If you want to contribute, you are welcome! Please be sure to follow and understand the coding standards.

Before you start to develop a new core feature ask on the mailing list for input and if the feature is wanted. There is also a todo list and an issue tracker.

1. Clean checkout

$ git clone git://
$ cd spludo

2. Applying changes

Now make your changes.

3. Testing the code

Then check if tests run and code is lint against the coding standards:

$ cd spludotests
$ ant core-test core-lint

4. Creating the patch

Now create a patch:

$ git commit -m "Good summary of what your patch does"
$ git format-patch HEAD^

5. Sending the patch

If you want to submit a patch, please send it to the mailing list by linking to a gists post or as file attachment.