The plugin page is pretty small. It will grow with time ;). To learn how to create own plugins, checkout the User-Guide topic: Plugins or download one of the plugins and look at the source code.


Plugins, which provide view engines are meant to add new rendering engines to spludo. They must be registered on a file extension.


Plugins, which provide storages are meant to add a class which implements the storage interface. Those classes may be used as storage engine for the session manager or any other system, which just requires a storage engine.


There is currently just one UserManager available, which is limited (no editing yet) - but it's a start and enough for most administration systems.


The default Session Manager is the CookieSessionManager. If you want to use an an alternative one, you can roll your own or pick one:


Plugins, which provide features for web development.

More Plugins

New plugins may be added to the official wiki of Spludo at github.